The Lumene projector ceiling bracket allows easy placement with maximum discretion thanks to its cable cover. It can be oriented and tilted along several axes, and its ease of adjustment once installed makes it a complete and functional support. Its articulated and telescopic arms fit all projector models.




Easy to install


Adjustable product height: from 265 to 350 mm


Min. and max. distance between fixing points :


- diagonally: 280 to 360 mm


- on the same side: 198 to 255 mm


Base width (ceiling): 130


Max. load: 25 kg


Adjustment angle: 3° on all sides and 30° at the front downwards


Compatible with most projectors, including Philips and Toshiba


Accessories: screws, drawings and tools required for assembly.

Ceiling bracket for video projector

  • 1930

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