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Leading manufacturer of projection screens for home cinema in France.

With a wide range of screens to suit many different situations, Lumene's aim is to offer the best of technology in a way that is accessible to as many people as possible. Our perpetual technological research allows us to offer you acoustic projection screens, curved screens or even screens with the latest ultra bright solutions for projection even in bright environments. Quality of materials, technological innovation, numerous products in stock... The choice of a Lumene screen is long-lasting and a guarantee of quality.


Cinema quality at home

Designed for professionals and individuals, lumene projection screens allow you to live the full cinema experience at home. For professionals and individuals, lumene projection screens allow you to live the full cinema experience at home. We offer a wide range of solutions: motorized screen, fixed screen, short focus screen, cinema chair, all our products allow you to recreate the comfort and sensations of the cinema at home.

Ecran fixe lumene

Cutting edge technology

Lumene canvas use the latest technology available to provide the best solutions for your needs.


Our 4K UHD projection screens are covered with micro structured diamond beads allowing a perfect reflection of the 4K image, the result on the screen is a pure reflection, extremely detailed, faithful to the original projected image.


The Ambient Reflecting canva offers a micro structured pattern that absorbs the ambient light in the room while reflecting the light beam from the short-throw projector back to the viewer. 100 times brighter than a conventional canvas, this technical surface offers a high level of contrast and the best possible viewing characteristics in daylight.


Lumene's precision woven acoustic canvases are assembled to achieve 92,000 micropores per 10cm² of fabric. The difference in acoustic attenuation between 8kHz & 12.5kHz and 500Hz is less than 1dB and 1.5dB, resulting in exceptional sound transparency. This complex woven structure is compatible with the latest 4K projectors.


Want to know more about the technologies used in our screens ? Visit our dedicated page.

Specificité des toiles Lumene UHD 4k



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