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How to assemble a Movie Palace screen equipped with tension springs

How to assemble a Movie palace screen equipped with tension lungs

How to install the Wireless 12V Trigger

How to install the wired trigger

Comment appairer le Showplace HD avec l'émetteur RF 868Mhz

Example of installation of a Movie Palace fixed screen

By Haute Fidélité Saumur

Setting the pairing between the remote control and the 433mhz RF transmitter

How to set the bottom stop on a Lumene motorized display

How to connect a Showplace screen to home automation

Setting the pairing of the 868Mhz transmitter
- Lumene Showplace HD / 4K / 8K

Setting the pairing of the Lumene Radio Frequency Remote Control

Test your Lumene infrared remote control

How to remove the ballast bar from a COLISEUM UHD 4K/8K

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