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Movie Palace is the best-selling frame video projection screen in France. As an extra bright version, the frame is also only 12 mm thick. WIth extra bightness on the screen and an ultra-slim profile, it discreetly fits perfectly into all interiors and ensures perfect tension thanks to its fastening system. Ambient Light Reflecting fabric offers a microstructured structure. This is a new type of surface that absorbs ambient light from the room while reflecting the light beam of the short-focus projector to the viewer. 100 times brighter than a conventional canvas, this technical surface offers a high level of contrast and the best possible visualisation characteristics in broad daylight.


Projection surface: Lumene Ambient Reflecting canvas

Gain: 0.5

Directivity: 175°.

Black back: Yes

Processing: Anti yellowing, Anti dust, Anti warping

Black edges on all sides (mm): 12

Frame: Aluminium

Clip fasteners: Yes

Warranty: 2 years.


2 799,00 €Price
  • 266 x 149