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The Lumene Coliseum UHD 4K is a motorized dab-tensioned video projection screen that will seduce you with its quality finish, ease of use and easy installation. Under tension, this screen offers a superior image quality that’s permanent and unalterable. To offer an unforgettable cinematic experience, the image must be perfect. Lumene therefore offers a selection of flawless fabrics for unparalleled sharpness. The Coliseum UHD 4K has black edges on all its canvases to precisely define the frame of the image and help avoid unwanted reflections. The contrast impression is then considerably enhanced.

Adaptable, the fabric is extended to match your interior in case of high ceiling height, this is called extra-drop. It’s also possible to install your screen in front of a window as Lumene fabrics have an opaque black backing to prohibit any light getting through. You can also opt for a cinema installation with our transonor canvases. This technology allows you to place your audio equipment behind the screen without interfering with the sound transmission.

At Lumene we have chosen aluminium for its lightness, solidity and anti-corrosion properties. We have integrated the new Lumene Silent Motor system on the Lumene Coliseum UHD 4K which is twice as quiet as a standard screen motor. This new motor features an optimised brake system which extends service life and improves operating comfort. After finding the space of your choice, the installation of your screen is quick and easy. The Coliseum UHD 4K can be mounted to the wall or ceiling using a system of hooks and clips designed for safety.

Your comfort is our priority, so we’ve designed an infared remote control for easy operation and an RS232 Communication Technology serial port to allow intuitive home automation integration and the ultimate in convenience. Finally, a trigger receiver is provided to allow you to synchronize the opening/closing of your screen directly with your projector. A simple solution to make the experience perfect.

All our screen canvases are treated to avoid yellowing and are guaranteed for 2 years. Our after-sales service ensures fast and efficient handling so all you have to do is to relax and enjoy the show.


Projection surface: Lumene UHD 4K

Tensioned: yes

Gain: 1.0

Directivity: 160°.

Black back: Yes

Processing: Anti yellowing, Anti dust, Anti warping

Black edges on sides (mm): 80

Low black edge (mm): 60

High black edge (mm): 400

Housing: Aluminium

Engine: Lumene Silent Motor

Connectivity: RS232

Remote control: included

12 V Trigger Cable: supplied

IR sensor: supplied

Clip fasteners: Yes

Warranty: 2 years.


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