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Introducing the Coliseum Extra Bright screen, a motorized screen specifically designed for ultra-short-throw projectors. With its advanced technical features, this motorized screen delivers an exceptional projection experience.

The Coliseum Extra Bright screen stands out with its ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) projection surface, which effectively eliminates unwanted ambient light interference, providing unparalleled image quality. Its impressive gain of 0.4 surpasses conventional screens, offering dazzling brightness and unmatched clarity.

With a viewing angle of 160°, this screen ensures an absolute panoramic view, allowing you to savor every detail, regardless of your position in the room. Additionally, enjoy peace of mind with its anti-yellowing, anti-dust, and anti-warping treatment, ensuring long-lasting durability and consistent performance over time.

Moreover, the non-light-blocking white back of the Coliseum Extra Bright screen adapts perfectly to well-lit environments, allowing the beauty of the images to shine through. Its black borders enhance contrast, creating an immersive and captivati