The Lumene Tableshow is a portable video projection screen. Lightweight and compact, it’s easy to transport, install and store. To provide a pleasant viewing experience over time, the image must be perfect. Lumene therefore offers a flawless canvas for unparalleled sharpness. The Tableshow has black edges to precisely define the frame of the image to help avoid unwanted reflections. The contrast impression is then considerably enhanced.

The quality of a video projection screen also depends on its structure, so the housing is made of steel coated with a black anti-corrosion paint. After finding the space of your choice, the installation of your screen is quick and easy. Simply follow the instructions to install in no time. All our screen canvases are treated to avoid yellowing and are guaranteed for 2 years. Our after-sales service ensures fast and efficient handling. All you have to do is to relax and enjoy the show.


Projection surface: Lumene HD canvas

Tensioned: yes

Gain: 1

Directivity: 160°.

Black back: yes

Processing: Anti yellowing, Anti dust, Anti warping

Black edges on sides (mm): 20

Low black edge (mm): 25

High black edge (mm): 20

Housing: aluminium

TABLESHOW 65 V [4:3]

  • 65 x 49